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“Jeanne, I’ve purchased and read your book. I think it is a must read—and very helpful and inspiring—for any group, especially churches looking to live out God’s call to love our neighbors!”

— Crystal Z., former editor, United Methodist Press, Nashville, Tennessee

Book signing March 16, Hutchinson, Kansas

On Thursday, March 16, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., the Bookends Bookstore at 123 N. Main St. in Hutchinson, Kansas, will host a book signing for McPherson author, Jeanne Jacoby Smith. Entitled, “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It“, Smith’s book is an actual account of her church’s experiences while resettling refugees of war. In story format, the author leads readers through the process, from meeting the refugees at the airport to their final goodbye when they were reunited with relatives, who were resettled 2,000 miles away.

“Your suggestions are excellent”

“I finished your book and found it very gripping.  I couldn’t put it down after starting.

“This book had the same effect on me as a movie I used in school concerning immigrants from Mexico coming to the US and trying to survive on their own.  Thanks for showing the plight of people trying to adjust to a different culture.

“Your suggestions at the end of the book are excellent for any newcomer to the US.”

David S., Lebanon, Pennsylvania

A New Year’s Endorsement

“This is a wonderful journal of the resettlement of a refugee family in America and the lessons learned that undergird continued resettlement of persons from war torn countries. Bless you, Jeanne Smith, for standing with the world’s refugees reminding us that we can see them as God’s children. What a wonderful book to give at Christmas in honor of the Holy Family who were refugees.”

— by a purchaser of the book: Sharon F.


Escape from Viet Nam
Cover of “Refugees!” by Jeanne Jacoby Smith (artwork by Mary Jacoby).

A word from the author: Jeanne Jacoby Smith

At long last after months of typing, editing, and revising my book, “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It”, is finally online. Check to get your copy today.

About the Book

What would you do if soldiers broke into your home and held your family hostage? How would you react if your children were screaming, “Mama, Papa, help me!”? Where would you hide if you wended your way through the forest, only to find hucksters nestled in the bush, ready to rob and kill you?

In March of 2014, Antonio Guterres, the United Nations’ High Commissioner of Refugees, stunned the world with his bold statement: That 60 million people, the greatest number in human history, were fleeing the lands of their birth and crying out for a country to call home. Thus, history echoes the refugees’ stories in every generation.

The 21st century is no exception.

In this spirit, ‘Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It’ recounts the story of ‘Every Refugee’ down through the ages. Cases, in point:

  • Moses leading the children of Israel across the Red Sea to the Promised Land.
  • Mary and Joseph fleeing with Jesus to escape King Herod’s henchmen.
  • When Hitler’s thunder reigned down upon Europe, refugees by the millions fled to receiving countries.

“Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom. . .” is a day-by-day account of our church’s experience resettling refugees in America. From meeting the family at the airport to setting up an apartment, from teaching them English to finding the head of the household a job, this book recounts one church’s story of successfully orchestrating a resettlement in America.

In the months that followed, as our refugees became fluent in English, we learned their story of escape. It burst our schema beyond imagination. Afloat on the South China Sea for many days, they were salvaged by the United Nations.

By the time their resettlement drew to a close, not only their lives were restored, but our church was transformed, as well. The refugees’ presence among us opened our members’ hearts to the plight of ‘the other’. When they met us at the airport, we were strangers who babbled a language they couldn’t comprehend. By the time our sponsorship drew to a close, they were one with our church family.

As this book goes to press in 2016, the numbers of forcibly displaced persons worldwide has soared to 60 million. Half of these are children. The need for sponsors today is greater than at any time in recorded history.

It is my deepest desire that our church’s story will inspire your house of worship to open its doors to ‘the least of these’, the refugees, who are crying out for a country.

— Jeanne Jacoby Smith